Slows down with uptime


I have found my groov AR1 starts responding slowly the longer it is running without a reboot (around 2-3 months). Eventually tags stop working and I have to reboot it, then all tags work again and the performance picks up.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Hmm, it would be interesting to know when you purchased the AR1. I have 3 AR1s for this one particular job. The first AR1 I bought was purchased about 4-5 months before the other 2. This particular AR1 needs to be rebooted every 1-2 months since it stops responding (I even had to wipe it and factory reset it). The other 2 AR1s have not been touched since I installed them in late 2016- early 2017.

Edit: All three AR1s have the exact same program and settings. All three are within 3 miles of each other.