Short Tutorial on Linux programming for the EPIC

I wrote this up a while back, and just finally got round to putting it in a Google Docs document so I could share it. It’s a description of how to write a small program in C++ in Linux for the EPIC using Visual Studio on a Windows computer, and have it read and write some I/O. The link should take you to a Google Docs document.

Let me know if this is any use, and also if I’ve missed anything to make it work for you. Enjoy.


Thanks for contributing to the forums, Todd! This is great stuff!

what a champion you are mate

I second that ! Great job.

I helped Todd a bit with this guide, and there was one revelation since it was written. If you only need a few scratchpads for your Groov display, you can completely bypass the need for a PAC Control strategy and just setup custom I/O Unit tags in Groov View. Groov View can read the memory map directly and access the scratchpads - the destination offset for configuring the tags will just be their location in the memory map.

Example of how to setup a few float and integer scratchpads, directly accessible from the “Local I/O” -

Just one less program to worry about. A C++ program, Groov View program, and PAC Control strategy is a lot to manage for a single unit. I will try and get this added to the guide as an option for using Groov View.