Setting output voltage level

Hey folks,
I’m a noob here, but I did spend time trying to find docs on this and can’t seem to locate.

Can anyone point me to some literature on how to set the output voltage level on a G4 OAC5? I have a Pi and the carrier board.

Hi Joel, welcome to the forums.

If I am understanding you correctly…The G4OAC5 is a digital output module, so its either on or off. You can not set ‘the output voltage levels’ on that module.
The Pi Carrier board only supports digital input and output modules, not analog.

So, that said, to turn the module on or off, we need to know what software you are planing to use on the Pi.

There is a lot of information and code samples over on our developer site;
I would for sure, without question, go and have a look at each page on that topic and you will probably get all your questions answered… But, if not, just pop back here and ask away!

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Thanks Beno :slight_smile:
I am able to turn it on and off using gpio, and that works fine. And I understand the digital vs analog output, but on the specs the card is listed as 12-140vac, so I foolishly presumed this was a range and there was a way to set the output voltage somehow…lol

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