"Send Discrete", "Direct" issue not fixed

Hello, I am trying to have an graphic object have Direct control over 2 Digital Outputs when it is pressed (one is an OAC5, the other an OMR6-C). It seems I can only control the first output in the sequence. I found this bug fix (related to a variable, but it is the same exact issue: http://www.opto22.com/site/knowledgebase/print_article.aspx?aid=2061 )
But the fix does not seem to have been implemented yet or it was not fixed for output variables.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Do they work separately? Ie one graphic object for each. Just make sure in PAC manager that the point is configured as an output. There have been situations where the I/O has been assigned in the strategy, however the config of the brain has not been updated. One way this could happen is that you have the configure I/O unit checkbox cleared on the I/O unit configure screen and you set the I/O unit config flag in the strat

Hi Nick - Yes they do work separately. The only one that works is the one that is declared first within PAC Display (i.e. - I delete the top one and then re-config it to be 2nd)

Seems like maybe a bug fix that did not get extrapolated to include output variables perhaps.

So just to close this out - I was able to get both outputs to directly respond by making them the first 2 actions under “Send Discrete”. I had a 3rd variable I was setting also when this graphic was activated - I put this 3rd instead of first and it started to work.

Ah! Thanks for the update. So as far as you can tell, that KB was fixed correctly? (I’ll update our QA department.)