Saving and Loading a display

I’m not sure if this is where to post this, but there is a bug- it’s only occasional- but there will be communications problems between the display and OPTO when saving and loading the display when one is already running. Usually there is something that has been changed in configure mode in PAC control. I’ve found that I have to shut display runtime down (And often it won’t close with the X and windows has to force it down, but even that doesn’t happen sometimes and it just stays open until I do the end task from windows task manager.)

Hello Trezor,

Welcome to the OptoForums! In general, we encourage folks to submit any issues they’re having to our support team since they’re best equipped to try to reproduce the issue(s), find out if there might already be a fix in the works, and get you an update/beta if appropriate.

When you mentioned “something that has been change in configure mode in PAC control” – I’ve seen issues where I might have PAC Control open and be re-naming a tag then have a problem in PAC Display when I try to autocorrect/update those tags (especially I/O Units). I’ve been told it wasn’t designed to handle that, therefore: “if a strategy is modified, the project should be closed in Configurator.” However, I’ll submit a request for PAC Display to check for updates to the strategy at times like this, since now I know I’m not the only one who’s tried that and had trouble!

In the meantime, please let our support team know about any/all other issues you’ve seen, as we like to get those fixes ASAP!