S1 First Generation to PROJECTPRO R.10

I have two first generation SNAP-PAC-S1 controllers that I installed in a system about 2007. The S1’s are communicating with some old B3000 brains using RS-485. Well, they want an upgrade as simple as possible, so I am installing SNAP-PAC-RCK16’s with EB2 brains (which allows me to use all the same I/O and go all Ethernet)

Has anyone upgraded a first generation S1 to use the PROJECTPRO R.10? I will be upgrading the firmware of course, but that is quite a jump. I am just wondering if anyone has done this and how smoothly it went.

Bill in Idaho

S1 can also use EB2 without upgrading. I used S1 and EB1 in 2006, and there was nothing wrong with it. I don’t think it is necessary to use PROJECTPRO R.10 without using EPIC.

I think I should make the question a little more specific. My worry is not that the EB2 will work, but that the very old S1 works with the new PROJECTPRO R.10 with no problems.

I have to buy new PROJECTPRO software for this system as they have lost the software over time and management changes. R.10 is what OPTO sells now (unless I want to try and go to the FTP site and download an older version. And if you have used that site, you will know that it is a total PITA).

Sorry, my latest version of PAC Control is R9.6.

I have migrated many projects to 10. To me the jump in firmware is more profound than the change in PAC controls from 9.6 to 10. What firmware is the S1 on now? If it is real old you may need to use the bridging firmware to bring it forward. I have some controllers running 9.4 firmware with V 10. So if you don’t need support for epic hardware or newer SNAP modules then even that may not be too big a deal.