Runtime window attributes stopped functioning

We recently come upon this issue with Pac Display Pro Runtime 9.3 window attributes not working for all windows within our project.

When we click on a button or object that is supposed to open a window, it does not respond. In the dynamic attributes, it shows that it a window is set up to open.

We re-installed the PAC 9.3 software, but still no movement when clicking on a window attribute.

Other attributes like “send value” work fine.

Any help would be appreciated?

Hi jameslick92,
Did you ever get this resolved?
Just curious,

Is it possible the window is opening behind the main window?

Or possibly off screen? I’ve had to reset default window position settings before.

I’ve seen this happen at one of my customer sites too. Everything seems to work, except opening windows - you can still open them from the Window | Open menu. The customer, would close PAC Display, or try starting it from Configurator, or reboot the computer until it started working again. I suggested it may be time to update to 9.4 and see if that fixes it. They haven’t decided to do this yet though.

Wish I could be more helpful.