Retrieving Numeric Variable using OPTOMMP

Hello all,

We have been busy with our very first OPTO Controller box to go on our pumping equipment to control density of the slurry. I have been reading all documentations on OPTOMMP and jumped into writing a simple .net application to read values from the I/O units directly. I have also managed to get scratchPad working. However, it would be great to get .net talk directly to the variables inside the PAC Control. Some of these variables are read directly from the I/O unit, and there are some that are manipulated and even combined from I/O unit values. Like I mentioned, I have a dedicated chart writing PAC Variables to scratchpad and then I use OPTOMMP to read those values from scratch pad. Is there an easier way?

The object of the .net application is for remote view, and creating graphical charts real time. I have read other threads dealing with similar questions, but non-specifically talking about this. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.