Restore AT1 project to EPIC?

Is this a possibility? Will this cause problems? Which settings can be transferred safely?

Do you know the two versions of groov? That might be more helpful…
But, generally, yes, you should be fine.
Back it up of course, then simply try it. I don’t think you have anything to lose.
With the older versions of groov on the AT1, there were no real options to transfer settings like there are on groov on the EPIC, so just go do it.

It seems to be working, but… The gadget colors seem to be broken (or something).

Left side is admin account, right side is limited ‘user’ account. Notice all of the slider colors.

So, wait… if you log in as Admin, everything is fine, if you log in as Editor or Operator the colors are wrong?

Yep. I’ve rebooted, logged out/back in…
they work, they just don’t look right.

Its running on an EPIC PR1?
So it should be groov version 4.1a right?

Maybe a Shift F5 is needed - cached stylesheet perhaps?

What browsers are you using? The bad colors looks like Edge, good colors looks like Firefox? What happens if you switch?

Good catch. They were on two different computers. The one running Edge was newly refreshed and only has Edge. This is indeed a case of Browsers Behaving Badly.

Yep, shiny new EPIC straight from the box. This is a replacement for our (now dead) AT1. Is there any possibility of transferring the license to a groov server (with renewal of course :grin:)

Cool, glad to hear it was just the single use browser misbehaving (you only use Edge once right? Just to download Chrome and then we are done…).

I don’t know for sure, but am pretty sure we can transfer your license, just email pcs@opto with the details of the two boxes, your reason and the key you want moved over. See how it goes…

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You misspelled firefox. :wink:

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Ha this is true right now with Chrome currently a part of Browsers Behaving Badly.

I’m actually using chrome to post…I use firefox on one screen, and chrome on the other since they each remember the screen they were last on so I don’t have to drag tabs over.