Rendering issue

If I have shapes that are close together, I tend to have rendering issues. It is like the focus frame covers nearby objects. I can drag the window off screen and then back to correct, but it is starting to annoy me. Any ideas on how to avoid? I thought it was just me, but another user just reported the issue. Here is a screenshot showing some of what I see…

Thanks for any feedback!

Just in case someone asks…I get this on multiple machines…basic and pro versions. I have latest video drivers and both machines are fast (these are my dev machines). It seems to me that the items get focus as they render (maybe that could be taken out). Most of the ones with focus frames create the issue for neighboring shapes.

Is it always the same places and parts?
Whats the Z-Order of those bits that get mangled? Are they on top?

I have a really vague distant memory of seeing something like this at the Hospital…

The simplest scenario I have is with the 5 boxes next to “Select Time Period” in my screenshot. Z order affects how the issue occurs. If I change the z order on the large yellow box to the front, then you see what is in the screenshot. If I change the 5 boxes to be in front, then it covers part of the outline on the large yellow box instead. Either way, I have issues. The problems in the main grid are more random. However, each of those “cells” have many elements stacked on top of each other…each with unique visibility attributes.

I tried disabling the focus frames…no change.

I easily duped in a new project. I just added a bunch of rectangles and gave a selection of them fill colors based on a value

What about using a graphics program to create a base image, thus you only need to place rectangles with no borders over the top of the base image?
In other words, what can be done to decrease the complexity (ie, density) of objects on the screen?

Well, I can actually duplicate with just two shapes next to each other…pretty simple. That and I primarily have this issue on existing programs that have dozens of windows. It would take an insane amount of time redesigning all of those to work around a defect. Let me know what you guys think…thanks Ben :slight_smile:

Ok, I really don’t want to flood this thread with replies. This is my last one…It is definitely using dynamic fill color that creates the problem. Z order does affect which is covered by the “invisible outline”. Here is a simple example. The black box uses dynamic fill color and the white one does not.

Here is a rectangle next to a line…

I was using Opera as my browser of choice, but they recently did some sort of upgrade and now I am seeing similar results. However, if I use IE 11, it displays perfectly. Have you tried different browsers?

This is PAC Display runtime…

Have you contacted our support team about this? (, could send them a link to this thread and save some typing). Sounds like it might be a bug, but they’re the best folks to sort that out (and possibly come up with a fix)!

Done! Thanks for the suggestion, Mary…

FWIW, I’ve seen some odd rendering things from time to time on stacked objects, text strings in particular, but have had the flexibility to adjust the design so they didn’t need to be stacked.

Oops… my bad… I found this post while searching for groov display problems…