Recovering PAC Display Files

I have a PAC Display project created by a third party several years back and I’d like to look at the program to see how a particular function works as I’m using something similar in a PAC Control project. It appears to have been made with the Basic version as the DisplayC/R files are of the Basic.exe flavor, but I can’t seem to locate the UUI or associated .idb files. Is it possible to have the Pro version and create Basic files to run on a dedicated laptop? Just wondering how PAC Display works as I’ve only used PAC Control. We’ve done an extensive search of the laptop hard drive with no success in turning up those files.

In runtime you should see the top menu bar (if not visible try using esc) and then check file-project path and there should be the file location.
Pro versions will open any basic and pro versions of the current or older versions, but will change the basic file project into a pro project, so back up prior to opening a basic pac display project or you risk of creating a mess.
Do you have access to pac display configurator?