Random blue squares popping up in PAC Display

I am using PAC Display R10.2d Build 0040 with Windows 10. When my animation for color change of squares on my screen becomes active, random dark blue solid squares start appearing on my screen. I have used this configuration in older versions of PAC Display and have not come across this. I have looked for hidden boxes in those areas and I do not see any.
Thank you.

Hi Kelly.
Unless another user pops up with some advice, I recommend that you reach out to our support team to start digging into the issue.

Yes, I noticed I did not have that window stored in memory, but it made no difference. Thank you.

I believe I’m having the same issue. Please let me know if you come up with a solution. It seems to get worse the more I have flashing on the screen (a lot of indicators temporarily as I continue to develop my project).

What are your tag group refresh times like in Opto Display Configurator?

Using the same group for everything right now. 1 second refresh rate which shouldn’t be unreasonable, right?

Tonight I discovered the ability to set default opening states for the windows and I’ve set my two “home” windows to open on Display launch and the other 16 or so to stay closed. This seems to have stopped nearly all of the phantom squares from popping up. I still have one that is directly over a value that updates from an anolog I/O point. In those 16 closed windows I have supertrends logging, will they still log with the windows closed? Documentation says they should log no matter the window state…

Edit to clarify my original reply to the thread: I don’t have “random blue squares” popping up, however items are being partially erased in the shape of a square or rectangle so they appear the same color as the background. I figured maybe that was the OPs issue as well if their background was blue.

If you get partial erasing in items this is due to images overlapping. Make sure you have the image you want in front set to “send to front” in the “z-order” menu option when you right click on your image.

Also, opto display does not like overlapping images and I have had partial erasing due to this. But the “send to front” or back fixed this.

1 second refresh time is more than enough for larger project sizes.

Your trends will log no matter the state of the window

Yes, it is the same color of my background. I originally thought there was a hidden object in the z order. It is always the same color as the background, so it might be a partial disappearing. It is always in the shape of a rectangle, but not entire items disappearing. I have been running this setup in version 9.6 with no issue. I will try tomorrow or Tuesday to correct any z order issues. I do have layered areas on my window to group data and to create the appearance of a meter. I have noticed in the past if you have one image over another, you must have a border - the images cannot share an edge- or some background color appears on the edges. It is very slight though, This is different and it only happens when flashing animation.

I’m seeing the same effect, but I believe it is not random, just showing up on the wrong window. Flashing items (i.e. rectangles) blank out a space on an adjacent window (same xy coordinates and size, just wrong window).

That is interesting. I am actually separating all of images, as I have seen problems in the past. I deleted the one window that I really do not need. I am going to go and try it again and see what happens.

Yep, I’ve got this same issue as well. I plan to do some more digging in the next couple days to see what exactly the issue is related to in our project. I’m 99.999% certain this is an issue that was introduced since version 10.2a.

I hope someone posts the solution or patch is released to correct this. Once I have a better handle on what the correlations in our project are, I will likely contact Opto22 support as well.

No luck. I still have the issue on the one screen when I have a flashing object. Parts of my display disappearing in the shape of rectangles. I cannot see that objects on other windows align with the disappearing areas.

I crossed out my tagnames. The green squares have animation assigned that cause them to blink red if that tag is in alarm. Once they are acknowledged, they become solid red and then if corrected green. I corrected the alarm condition here, but the squares will remain until I leave the window and come back. I cannot link it to anyone square. This problem did not existing in 9.6.

Okay, I have been able to narrow this down in our project but still have no solution so I will be contacting Opto22 support.

Most of our screens are the full resolution of our monitor. On one smaller window there is one element that uses a Control Engine Driven Attribute > Visibility/Blink (Discrete Trigger, Med. Blink when ON, Invisible when OFF). When that element is ON / blinking we occasionally get a similar sized artifact in the larger (full screen) window behind it at exactly the same x / y window position as where the blinking element is located in its own window.

All our windows are set to “always in memory” and it is interesting to note that once this smaller window has been opened, we can close this window and as long as the Control Engine Driven Attribute that causes the blinking on this small window is still active, we continue to see the artifacts appearing on the currently open (full screen) window.

The other interesting thing is that the issues seem to occur more or less often on different hardware platforms indicating that it may be linked to system performance.

We are having the same issue. This is a software bug in PAC Display. This occurs on every screen that we open after a period of time but only on our industrial PCs. Moving a window over the area clears it for about 5 to 15 seconds. A refresh of the window also clears it temporarily.

So, do you also have a blinking animation on an object? Once, we acknowledge our alarms and the box that was blinking turns a solid color, the issue goes away. It is also only happening on the one screen with blinking animation, not all. I even have another with animation, just 1/2 as many boxes. I even removed all other layers except the background and the display text and animated box and the problem still occurred. I’m thinking of using my 9.6 app and modifying it since it had no issue. I just hate not moving forward with software.

We seemed to have gotten rid of the ghost squares by using PAC 10.2 build 35

So, you just downgrade version 10 to an earlier build? Did you delete build 40 first?
I will try it tomorrow.

Working with Opto22 support they have been able to duplicate this issue so hopefully there will be a patch or new version forthcoming soon.


I just switched to using PAC 10.2 build 35 like David_Counts suggested. All good now.