Question: OPTO 22 - PB32HQ


I need help how i can communicate OPTO 22 - PB32HQ with Allen Bradley SLC 5/4 OR Ethernet Protocol ???


Hi Elahmady,

If you are currently using the PB32HQ board, I also know you are using the B4 (Pamux protocol) brain with it. B4 doesn’t support any other protocol to communicate to other devices directly. But there is an option of replacing the B4 with G4EB2. G4EB2 is Ethernet based and supports multiple protocols (EtherNet/IP, Modbus etc.)

This processor is part of our IO4AB line. Here is the manual (Appendix D of Form 1909) how you can configure/program the two processors (SLC5 and G4EB2) to communicate to each other.

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Hope you will find this helpful.

Hi sshimelash

Thank you very much