Quadrature setting problems

Hi everyone,
I’m Giammarco and I’m beginner with PacControl and Groov Epic. I have a Groov Epic with GRV-IDCIFQ-12 module and I have some problems with its quadrature counter setting. In Pac Control I set the channel 1 and the channel 2 such as quadrature counter in “Edit Digital Point”.
When I download and run the strategy the Groov Epic doesn’t set the quadrature counter (I saw that through Groov Manage). I checked the wiring to quadrature encoder and it is right.
Why do I have this problem?
Did I forget any settings?


Good morning and welcome to the forums.

When you hit a snag, its worth checking our knowledge base.
I did a search for ‘quadrature’ and got a hit.


Note that its been resolved in firmware version 2.0.2.
Given that, I am guessing that you are running older version firmware?
Check by visiting your groov Manage home page in your web browser.
Click on Info and Help and then About.
Up the top is the current version you are running.

If its lower than 2.0.2, you need to update to fix the issue you describe.
To update, first back up everything. We have a handy guide on updating here:

Once everything is safely backed up, hit up manage.groov.com log in and download the latest firmware.
Update and see how you go.

If you have any problems, be sure and post back here and we can try and help.

Thanks, I solved the problem.