Profi DP Slave

Dear Sir

  I want to communicate with Siemens 315-2DP module via profibus, but i am not getting the DP slave program of opto22.can you please guide me how test the communication between these two PLC through profibus,

similarly when i was configuring the opto as a DP master, only  Profibus Polling chart is running remaing charts are in stop mode..can you please guide me how to solve the situation in both the cases (opto as a DP master as well as DP slave).(also provide me the  programs for DP slave and DP masters of OPTO PAC)

Hello Ram.

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I have not used the SNAP-SCM-PROFI module before, so did a little digging.

First up, please know that Opto released a new version of firmware for that module.
You can download it here;
The readme states; "This firmware update for the SNAP-SCM-PROFI Profibus module corrects a problem where communications would stop shortly after a connection was made to a Siemens CPU315-2DP PLC."
So I think you should update your module firmware before going any further!

To update your serial module firmware, use PAC Manager. The procedure is in the PAC Managers User Guide, but the short version is, open PAC Manager and click on Tools -> Maintenance.
Click on the second option in the menu on the left, “Install Module Firmware”.

Regarding the software for DP Slave, we do not offer a sample chart for that. (Which is why you cant find it).
Each DP master is different, so it would be very difficult for Opto to provide a generic read chart.

Regarding the DP master strategy, look carefully page 14 of the tech note.

The charts only run when that function is used, since its unlikely you are using all the chart functions at the same time, they will not all be running at any one time. This is normal and expected.

If any of our other Forum lurkers have any Profibus experience, feel free to jump in here!