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Powerup Message for Controller Message Queue

We have a new example PAC Control strategy called Powerup Message. It is available on our Web site here:

Samples & Freeware

You can also get there by going to www.opto22.com, then choosing the Support tab, then the Downloads link (near the upper-left corner of the page), and then “Samples & Freeware” in the lower-middle section of the page.

It is a very simple strategy that will add a message to the controller’s message queue when the controller powers up and each time the strategy is started. This makes it easy to use the message queue to determine if the controller has been turned off and back on or if the strategy has been stopped and restarted.

This example requires PAC Control Basic or Pro, version R8.0f or newer.

Starting with the PAC Project release 8.2003, this example is part of the PAC Project install.