Pointer Tables in Subs

What is the reasoning for not being able to create pointer tables inside a subroutine? With nested subroutines, this could be a nice thing to have.

Also, when passing in a pointer table to a subroutine and assigning a subroutine variable to the pointer table, an error is generated at runtime: code -29, “Wrong object type. Most likely caused by moving a pointer table element to a pointer of the wrong type.”

This is the code I am trying to get to run in the subroutine:

To work around this, I am passing in ntLocalSubTable as a parameter to the sub and then all is well. Not sure if this is a bug, if not, then consider this a feature request.

This is in 9.5 basic, I have not tried this in 9.6 yet.
Firmware Version R9.5c