Please add these basic HMI features

I recently purchased a groove box so that I could easily create displays for building infrastructure (pumps, cooling, etc.), but I have discovered there is nothing in there for alarming, alerting, logging, or events.

Groov badly needs the following:

Event trigger gadget to trigger events based on rules (comparison of device values to fixed values or limits or other device values)
Alarm gadget that responds to events with visible alarms
Alert gadget that responds to events with email alerting
Event responder gadget that changes device values in response to an event
Log gadget
Log viewer gadget

I hope you’re subscribed to OptoNews since you’ll for sure be interested in [I]groov 3[/I].

I was hoping to replace the desktop pc with an ipad or such. WOW, Groov falls really short on what can be done, or at least I don’t see any way of doing most of the stuff that I am doing with Opto Display. Such, I see no way to swap out images based on a tag value. In the case where I have a pump icon. One icon is green, one is red, based on if the pump is on or off is which icon you can see. Also, no pipes. Also, something that we do is use bits to turn on and off points because then we can check to see if the output should be turned on, rather than just turning on the point raw. So, the issue is if we have a button with an LED on it. We would use the LED tag as the digital output module, but the click of the button would toggle a bit, but I don’t see how this can be done.

Hi Tony,

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Two quick answers…

  1. Your right, groov is nothing like PAC Display… Just like you cant use PAC Display on a mobile, it was never intended to ‘replace’ PAC Display with groov. There is room for both of them since they complement each other.

BUT, that all said…

  1. If all you need to ‘replace’ PAC Display desktop PC with an iPad* (Android of course :slight_smile: is the gadget(s) you mention… well, cant say too much, but be sure and subscribe to OptoNews. That’s the best way to stay updated with all things new in both Opto 22 and groov.

You have lost me a little on this one… Right now, you can hook the digital output to an LED gadget, and hook a button gadget to a tag. The LED will reflect the output and the button will toggle (or set to a specific value in the case of the command button gadget) the tag… I must be missing something else?


*I am an Android / Google guy and mean no disrespect to our iOS brothers.