Page Stash and Page Load Time

I couldn’t find this on the forum or in the user guide.

If I have a lot of gadgets in the Page Stash, does it affect page load time?

Yeah, they’re still there on the page, they just don’t render if they’re in the stash.

Okay, just to make sure I understand, if they aren’t being rendered then do they not affect the load time very much when they’re in the stash?

As in, if I have a bunch of gadgets on a page and then move them to the stash will the page load time be the same before and after? Or when I move them will it help a little because now its not trying to render those gadget?

Page load time will be the same regardless of whether the gadgets are in the stash or visible. It might render a little faster once loaded, but transfer time from the server to the web browser is the same.

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I see, that makes sense. I was confusing load time and rendering. Thanks for the help!