PAC Project installation

Hi Opto community-

Is the PAC Project installer set up to use command-line arguments to install silently? Say I only want to install certain components of the package - is there a way to specify which pieces to install, send the password, and run this in the background? This would be very handy to use as a backup installer that any of our customers can run in case of PC failure or other disaster without needing to consult a manual or call for support.

  • Sean

Hi SeanT,

I’m updating this post (and deleteing some that follow) because we now have this MSI option [click here].

Thanks for the great question/suggestions!


+1 and +1 more for the awesomeness…
very cool

Great! I will set this up to run with the rest of my installer and see how it works. Thanks Mary!

Hi Mary,

I’m having trouble with the components option, it’s still installing these components despite using /COMPONENTS=“OptoOPCServer,!PAC Manager,!PAC Project Basic,!Tools,!EtherNet/IP Configurator”

I’m also not sure if it’s possible to use the deselect and child operators on the same entry to deselect a component and all children? !*PAC Project Basic ?

I’ve tried playing around with the syntax, using underscores, adding the version 9.3 to the end of the component, changing the order of the parameters. I didn’t see any errors in the install log, any ideas?


Yeah, it looks like deselecting Pro parts works, but you still get Basic pieces and tools no matter what. We’re working on it, looks like it might need a little love before it’s ready for prime time. Stay tuned…

Alright, thanks for the update!

Here’s a bit more info if you want to poke at this… we’re using Open Source InnoSetup, docs here for command-line options:

From the InnoSetup script, in the Components section:
[INDENT] Name: “Pro”; Description: “PAC Project Professional”;
Name: “Pro\PAC_Control”; Description: “PAC Control Professional”;
Name: “Pro\PAC_Display”; Description: “PAC Display Professional”;
Name: “Pro\OptoOPCServer”; Description: “OptoOPCServer”;
Name: “Pro\OptoDataLink”; Description: “OptoDataLink”;
Name: “Pro\SoftPAC”; Description: “SoftPAC”;
Name: “Basic”; Description: “PAC Project Basic”;
Name: “Basic\PAC_Control”; Description: “PAC Control Basic”;
Name: “Basic\PAC_Display”; Description: “PAC Display Basic”;
Name: “PAC_Manager”; Description: “PAC Manager”;
Name: “PAC_Utilities”; Description: “Tools”;
Name: “LearningCenter”; Description: “Install Learning Center files”;
Name: “EtherNet_IP”; Description: “EtherNet/IP Configurator”;
[/INDENT]Not sure why the “Basic” stuff gets installed no matter what command-line parameters we use. Would love to hear any theories!

In the past, you were able to load PACDisplay Runtime only on a PC so that there was only the run files and no source files. Is this still possible? If so, how can you do it? I am worried about ‘any other files’ that are needed to run PACDisplay.

Not sure what you’re talking about here, CeeJay13.

The only thing I’ve heard of that might be remotely related is the Version X or “monitor-only” version of PAC Display. It’s functionally identical to the regular Runtime application, except that it cannot be used to send values to a control engine.

Got a tour coming and you want to show off your screens, but don’t want any unintentional changes to your system? Just swap the regular executable for VersionX and BOOM your project is safe. Search form 1702, PAC Display User’s Guide, for “monitor-only” for details.

But I suspect that’s not what you’re talking about. Can you give us more details on what you mean by “source files” or the bigger picture of what you’re trying to do and why?

Hi Mary,

Maybe I am getting confused with VersionX. I must admit, I don’t normally use PACDisplay for the HMI and just seemed to recall back in the IODisplay days that you could just load ‘PacDisplay Runtime’. But, as I get older I get far more confused, far more easily!!!

OK, I would like a PC that I can leave with a Customer so that they have an HMI that can be used to drive the machine - select recipes, manually enable outputs and read inputs. Basically a fully functional HMI. But, I don’t want the Customer to be able to change the HMI by using PAC Configurator.

So, I had a good read of the manual last night and found - yes, you guessed it - Password Protection! Initiated this morning and everyone is now happy!

Thank you for explaining the DisplayX.

I haven’t had a chance to check, but has this been fixed with the PAC Project R9.3004 installer?

I don’t think we changed anything with 9.3, but 9.4 will be coming soon. I understand for that we’ll have an MSI installer for PAC Project Basic ONLY. Also, our installer guy has some theories about what was messing up the “isCustom” option, but he’s not yet had a chance to dig into that…