PAC Display Runtime Project Association

I have quite a few projects out there running PAC Display Runtime. In the past month, I have had 2 different clients call me up cause when they clicked on the “Runtime” icon and it just brings them to a gray screen… Meaning it did not load the last display runtime. Of course, I just have them open the Display manually by pointing them to project location. What makes Display Runtime lose where the file location is?

While I’m posting, I have been using some sliders recently in a project. Will PAC Display ever support real time value updates while moving a slider up and down and not just when you release the slider button?

Also, for a future request:
A button that brings up a smaller preview of a group of windows that you can swipe left and right and then be able to choose the window you want to go to.


I see this happen after runtime crashes, the next time you start it, the project doesn’t load automatically.

I create a custom PAC Display Runtime shortcut that includes the project file and path in quotes after the in the target field of the shortcut. This gets around that issue.

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