PAC Display runtime does not open project when launched

The latest version of Display runtime does not open the project when it is launched. It just sits there as a blank gray screen until the project is opened through the menu. I need this to automatically open the last project upon launch when a computer reboots due to power outages/etc. It used to do this automatically.

Display Runtime Professional
R10.2a, Build 0004

Have you tried specifying the project in a launch shortcut? I’ve found that to be more reliable.

Add the strategy path at the end of the Target of the shortcut:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Opto22\PAC Project 10.2\” “C:\Path to HMI\HMI.UUI”

Yeah, just reporting this as a bug I guess. Imagine my surprise to remote into the computer and see a blank gray page! (how long was it like that?) On top of that PAC display does some data logging…
uh oh…

I’ve seen this happen after PAC Display crashes, sometime it will automatically restart, but not load the project.

@nickvnlr Just a heads up, Support do not monitor these forums.
If you want to get it looked at, or get a bug report submitted, please email the support and work with them.