PAC Display Runtime Causing Controller to Crash

I’m having a very strange problem with the PAC Display Pro runtime and my PAC-S2 controller. Shortly after I start the runtime and things begin to load, my graphics will change to the ‘Last Known Value’ color and then (occasionally) change to the ‘Comm Failure’ color.

The only way to recover my controller and get my strategy to start up again after this happens is to hit the reset button on the S2.

The strange thing is that my controller is otherwise perfectly happy to communicate with PAC Control Pro and PAC Manager with no connection issues at all. I can interact with all of my I/O units (all SNAP-PAC-SB2s) without a problem in these other applications…only the Runtime is causing my Controller to crash consistently.

I have tried:

  • re-flashing the Controller’s firmware
  • using a different SNAP-PAC-S2
  • re-downloading my strategy
  • deleting and re-installing PAC Project

FWIW, I’m currently using the most up-to-date versions of PAC Project Pro and firmware on all of my I/O units.
(at the time of this post, that’s PAC Project Pro 9.6006-131 and firmware version 9.5g).

Any ideas would be very much appreciated! :frowning_face:

Please email this to support @ opto 22 dot com
You will get a ticket and be able to track the issue to resolution.

I’ll give it a shot - I’ve sent them a copy of this post. Thanks Beno.