PAC Display "Open When There Are New Alarms" quirk?

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or if perhaps this was the way it was intended to be…

In PAC Display (Basic), in one of our projects, we use a popup window which displays current alarms in an alarm box. Under window properties, we check the option to raise the window when new alarms occur. However, if you edit the list of alarms linked to the box, the property becomes unchecked. Occasionally it is forgotten to recheck this box, so the popup no longer raises itself during runtime when a new alarm occurs. Is this the intended behavior or an unintended quirk? Just seems cumbersome to be remembering to recheck that box every time just because you’ve linked up a new alarm.



What version of PAC Display are you running?
I seem to recall that this issue has been looked at, so you might want to check that you are running the latest version.
If you already are, then please email and let them know so that they can get the programmer to take a look at it.



Alright, Ben. It’s 8.5. I’ve not yet become a fan of version 9.0. I’ve had a bunch of different issues there preventing me from wanting to use it with customers.