PAC Display Crashing?


Interesting problem I am encountering this day.

Busy implementing some new functionality to a control strategy.

Added a integer 32 variable to PAC Control, saved the strategy and proceeded to PAC Display. Selected save strategy to initiate the regeneration of the tags to assign the new variable to a button and PAC display crashed.

Tried changing the state of the variable to “when downloaded” - crash, “when run” - crash.

Deleted the variable and PAC Display opened as if nothing had happened.

Tried a variable with another name, same result. Can create it in PAC Control but PAC Display wants to know nothing and crashes.

Comes up with window to regenerate the tags, hangs there a couple of seconds and closes PAC Display down.

Is there a limit to the number of variables display can handle ?

Is quite a large control strategy.

Interestingly, after adding and saving the variable in PAC Control. I can run the regenerate tag names function in the tools menu of PAC Display however as soon as try to assign as a a dynamic attribute or save it, it crashes.

For info I am running the latest build of 10.3.


Would appear I have a new and interesting problem here.

I have escalated it to opto support with archives for simulating the problem.