PAC Display: ComboBox "Text In" attribute disabled?

I’m using a Combo Box to allow the operator to select one of several value presets. I’ve added the items and for each one enabled the Send Value attribute to send the appropriate value back to the Controller. However I can’t figure out how to make the Combo Box initialize to the matching selection based on the value on the Controller. In other words, the linked variable initialized to a value of 10. I have a item in my Combo Box that sends a value of 10 - how can I make the Combo Box select the matching entry? This is basically a data binding question.

I thought the “Text In” attribute may hold promise but it’s always disabled for my items, why?


It would be quite simple I suppose to make the Combo Box fill from a string table. I do not expect based on the grid view that this would be much of an effort. My customers are requesting this.