PAC Display Animations

I am getting ready to develope a rather large application in PAC Pro for a Power Plant and am hoping to not have to start totally from scratch.

Anyone know of somewhere or a post that shows how to “Fill a Tank” based off of an analog input?

How to animate a motor or pump showing movement when Running and dormant when not running?

Maybe somewhere there is a library of animations?


Do you plan on using PAC Display or groov?
There are very large differences in animation construction between the two.

I have used PAC Display in the past and know nothing of Groov; not even what it is? So probably PAC, but will Groov work withg PAC hardware?

I plan to use Snap-PAC-S2 & EB2 Brains on SNAP PAC RCK12 or 16 racks

No problem. PAC Display it is then.
(groov View is a web based, mobile ready HMI builder/viewer, it will run with PAC hardware, ModBusTCP and OPCUA servers).

PAC Display has some basic animations built in, so for example your tank fill is very straight forward.
Place your take from the built in symbol factory library and then add a rectangle, the fill of that is then tied to an analog input or a variable and it will fill and empty as the value goes up and down.

Pumps and motors are somewhat similar, but requires a little more work to show the image how far it needs to move.

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Here are a few resources. One is a link to our PAC Project Demo. It includes a pump and tank animation:
You’d have to download and run the strategy and project, but it may be faster to just see what was done to implement the tank and pump. I attached screens that show the dynamic attributes for each. The tank is a box drawn at full size, and then the vertical height attribute is manipulated to indicate percentage filled.

The pump is two graphics: one a static jpg and on top of it animated blades. I moved the blades so you could see both. The animated graphic is shown or hidden based on a digital value.

Our web site has a page of graphics in their static and animated state. If you have suggestions for items to be added to this page, let us know.