Pac Control Step Mode Really Slow

Hey There

I was wondering at some of our sites if I use step mode it runs nice and fast but at certain sites it is really slow even though step mode is set to high. Do any of you guys maybe know what this can be?

Pretty sure each strategy remembers the ‘Debug -> Options’ single step speed you set, so that would be the first thing I would check.

Hey I know that! At certain sites I actaully slow down step mode to see whats going on. But the sites that step mode speed is all the up it takes atleast 3 - 4 seconds between each block.

That’s weird. Same strategy at the different sites? Have you checked with PSG about this? They might ask you to sniff the communications…

Open PAC Terminal (ie, dont be in PAC Control debug) and see what the com loop time is for a few of the controllers.
Then, open PAC Control and go into debug, but dont single step and see what the com loop time is.
Then, go into single step mode and see what the com loop time is.

i.e. Is it the network, or the controller that is slowing things down.

Ok I can give that a try. Will let you know what i find.


This wouldn’t have anything to do with your previous post about connecting remote sites together over non reliable communications links by any chance??