Pac Control R8.2g

Hi Folks,

Working on optimising some charts at the moment and I have a problem with my Strategy.

During several imports of charts, I seem to have generated an imp_I/O_Rack tag that I can’t get rid of. There are seemingly no I/O Points defined, but there is some rubbish in the description field.

There are no Points to delete, when I do a search for the I/O Rack tag, no occurences are found. But when I try to delete the I/O Rack I am told that ‘you cannot delete an item with a reference count greater than zero’. Also, when I look at the Configuration, it tells me that I have a Reference Count of 51.

Any ideas please?

Without updating my Pac Control (out of the question!) does anyone know how I can get rid of this phantom I/O Rack?

(Files attached I think!)

Hi CeeJay13,

Wow, for sure I’d contact support on this since it sounds like you hit a bug. Do you still have those charts you imported? It’d be nice if we could reproduce/remove that problem. Then again, it could be that we already have since you’re using an older version of PAC Control. (I would be interested to know why upgrading to 9.3 is “out of the question”?) I’d want to at least be at 9.0 PAC Control – which should work fine with older firmware as long as you don’t try to use any of the commands added since your firmware was built.

In any case, have you tried clicking in your strategy tree (like on the I/O Unit) and pressing Ctrl+R? This does a recount on your Reference Count and might make that go to 0 so you can remove that unused junk. If that doesn’t work, I’d (archive the strategy first!) and try adding a point where you see junk, then delete it. See if that makes any difference in the Reference Count.

Sorry for your trouble, I hope you’ll let us know what you find out!


Ctrl+R - Done!! Excellent.

Reason for not upgrading is that I am working for a Customer and they do not wish to upgrade. Simple as that!! I have tried, but they had a problem with the newer ‘Bridged Firmware’ - not enough room due to the way their Strategy is written, and are reluctant to run into more problems.

Would love to share, but unfortunately can’t as it is not my software to share!

I would imagine that it is where I imported a chart and the variables were not pre-existing and so an ‘import rack’ was created, along with the variables themselves. I replaced the imported variables with the existing slightly differently named existing variables located at the same physical I/O Point. This appears to have worked most of the time, but didn’t on one of my later imports.

Sorry I can’t help any further than that in locating the problem.