we had a working old SNAP PAC R2 and opto logic and our visual basic MMP software working - and after 10 years client wanted to upgrade components -
we purchased new SNAP PAC R2 controller- and the firmware is newer than what our development of software developed using visualbasic MMP.
so we found out the newer controllers cant go past 10.3b - so we installed 10.3b on newer controller.

Opto 22 Product Support Reference # 119119

our visualbasic MMP software seems to work and intermittently and abnormally we are loosing our persistent variable values in opto logic been reset to ‘0’.

i have verified and set 5VDC to 5.12VDC and the PAC is not restarting -as inspect shows its been running for 21 days but all of sudden PAC controller persistent variable zero issue which we never have had before changing snap pac r2 and having 10.3b firmware.

so our client are worried and so are we as we cant seem to understand where the challenge is as its intermittent - our application involves medical device and client need to be safe -
so we need very urgent help in rectifying or resolving this …

please see attached pictures- do we have any know issues like this before?
i am attaching version of PAC control in use and PAC firmware.

hope you can help.
thank you