PAC 9.3 to 9.4 Migration

Can someone please refer me to directions on upgrading to PAC 9.4 from 9.3?

Thank You

Support can help with this sort thing lickty-split… Just drop them an email;

But, 9.3. to 9.4 is a very minor step, so just run the installer and you are done.
(Don’t forget to backup ALL your strategies and PAC Display projects, because once you open them in 9.4 you can NOT go back and open them in 9.3 - This holds true for any of our PAC Project updates).

Hi jameslick92,

Are you talking firmware or software here? (Ben referred to software above, if you’re changing firmware you need to consider a few more possible issues, especially if you have persistent variables in your PACs/strategies that you need to persist through the upgrade.)

Also note that 9.5 is coming soon; both firmware and software. Hoping you’re subscribed to OptoNews so you get all the details when that becomes available!


Hello Ben and Mary

The main purpose behind the upgrade is to take advantage of the HART protocol analog module since it’s not an option in PAC 9.3

Do we need to update the firmware to use the HART module? We have 10 controllers onsite, and if we could avoid the terror of requesting operations to shutdown the process to upgrade firmware , that would be great.

Short answer. Yes.
Long answer. See the short answer.

Support for the Hart module was [I]added [/I]in 9.4a.