OptoDataLink File Name

Help with OptoDataLink,

My goal is to save data to a file based on a trigger. Each time the trigger happens, I’d like a new file of data with a new name.
My first thought was to use OptoDataLink, but I’m not finding a way to set the file name for each occurrence.

Here’s some extra details as to what I’m doing.
We have a bench top tool (using Opto hardware) that takes measurements of our products. The operator inserts the product, presses start, the machine does it’s thing and the data is saved in several tables. From there the data needs to be moved to a single file that will then be used in another software application. Each single file would contain information about that product such as date and time, which machine it from, measurements, operator, etc…



If you are running PAC Display I would use the Historical Data Log File feature.
Page 245 of doc 1702 (its on your hard drive).
You can start and stop logging based on a Pac Control strategy tag, and the strategy can create the file name via a string, or it can be automatically generated.
You also get a little wriggle room in how the history file is constructed.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I am using PAC Display. I haven’t used this feature before and didn’t even consider it as an option.
I read through the manual and was able to get it working.
Looks like it’ll do what we need.


Nice. Glad to help.
Thanks for letting us know… Love it when the loop gets closed.