Opto time syncronizaation V1.4

I’m using Opto time syncronizaation V1.4 to sicronize the time of 4 controller with a pc.
The ip of two controller were changed, does anyone know how to update the ip list on the time synchronization application?

Take a look at the instructions here;

Cut paste from there;


Using notepad, edit the “device_list.txt” file.

The records are identified by special character in the first column.

  • The line is a comment.
    t A floating point number representing the number of hours to send updates.
    u An entry to update (IP Address, Port, Timeout, and Device Type)
    ^ The end of entries (and the end of the file).

When defining a ‘u’ entry, 1 is a UIO or LCE controller, 2 is an OptoController.

Here’s a snipped of the original “device_list.txt” file:

t 1.0
u 22001 3000 1
u 22001 3000 1
u 2001 3000 2

Dear Benno,
When I run the application a connection timeout appear because 2 of the controlers of thecurrent list were fisically removed,
it does not allow me to type or paste anything ,
see attached print screen it appears when I run tha application

Edit the text file and remove the lines with the two controller IP addresses that you removed.

Do you need admin privileges to write to that file?

Right click on it and edit it with an admin user/pass.

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Dear Benoit
Thanks for your support it works