Opto kernel from R2.1b to R4.1f

Current hardware/software:
[SIZE=2]Classic SX Controller G4LC32SX from 1998
SNAP Brain B3000 Mistic/Optomux Protocol
AC24AT comm card in PC for RS485 [I](replaced it with an external RS485 converter)[/I]
Opto Control ver R2.1b, Opto Ddb ver R2.1b
Opto Display Runtime ver R2.1a
Cyrano ver 1.3.0
Mistic Kernal R3.0a
Opto Kernal A1.0a
Opto Com.DLL A1.0a

I have Factory Floor R4.1a installed and for the most part running on a new Win XP. But I get the warning to upgrade the kernel from 2.1b to at least R4.1a. I notice things that don’t work like the chart step.
When I run [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]OptoFlash-ENET it looks for an ethernet communications. Of course these units don’t have that. Nor will we convert, way too costly to move from RS485 to Ethernet for 11 units.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]What can I use to flash the firmware in these units?[/SIZE]


Welcome to the OptoForums! You might want to contact our PSG (product support group) with troubleshooting help for this.
It’s FREE!

I sent an E-mail earlier this week to a Tom E. that I had talked to earlier this year. But no responce so far.
I’ll try calling when I’m in my office next week.