Options for Text labels

Hi groov -ers,

In this previous post, I mentioned why I might choose to use a Text Area gadget over the (new in 2.0) Value gadget.

When it comes to putting static, non-changing text on your groov pages, here are a few options to consider.

I was just updating a page with lots of Text Area gadgets (used as labels), which I’m now swapping out for Line Header or Group Header gadgets. Here’s why:

Although the Text Area gadget give you a few more options (like Text and Background colors), I wasn’t using those anyway.

Getting too colorful would violate best practices of HP HMI (High-Performance Human-Machine Interface) Principles. If you haven’t read our awesome, short, and way-more-interesting-than-average white paper on the topic, check it out here: High-performance HMI

I made the mistake of not updating my “Handheld” view while building my “Desktop & Tablet.” (Even though I’ve learned this lesson before, always check that “Handheld” view often while building many-gadget screens!) When I switched to “Handheld,” I found that 26-size font I used on the “Desktop & Tablet” view wasn’t working so well. Since one of the values you’re able to specify for your Text Area Gadget is the font–that doesn’t change when you switch to Handheld.

However, both the Line Header and Group Header gadgets (without a specific font size in their properties) have text that will scale as you wish. See here where the Line Header (without the optional underline), looks just like its fancier Text Area cousin (just below, also with the text “Rest Rooms”):

But now I can easily adjust the size in either view:

I also like using that Group Header (like the one I labeled “Lighting Control” above) for putting multiple related gadgets together.

Keep on groovin’

  • OptoMary