Old Lcm4 timeout error

Hi everybody, I am a user that have problems with a old lcm4 controler, it have communication timeout problem about 3 times per hour 30 seconds red graphics in optodisplay runtime, I try a lot of things, I change ethernet cables, switch, revise pci ethernet card configuration and the problem persist, please help me, thanks, bye.

Hi Eljames,

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This sounds like a cut and dry question for our product support team, please send them an email; support@opto22.com
They will issue you a ticket number and will work with you to get you sorted.
The forums are more for brain storming ideas.


Thanks Ben, I try to send a email to the support team. I think that the problem is that the controller and the ethernet IO use the same port in the lcm4 ethernet card all is configured with the port 2001 and the controller must be configured with the port 22001. I try. Bye, and thanks.