Numeric Entry Gadget


I would like to be able to control boolean and variable setpoints for an application. The slider tool is nice but not very easy to set an exact value. Is there a way to do this without using buttons and logic in the controller, (inc/dec)?

Thank you.

Not sure I totally get 100% what you mean, so lets kick it around a bit…

You could have a row of command buttons that have preset values on them?
You could limit the range of the slider so its easier to get the value you want?

They are two ideas that spring to mind.

Hi Ben

I want to mention that I really like the videos. They are very helpful. The upcoming jobs are getting pretty heavily involved with WiFi and networking, so some great help there, thank you.

First maybe I need to clear up my question a little. I think I can get what I need with the setting binary configurations and modes just fine with the button gadget. That leaves me with the question of how to enter a numeric value. Today, I was going over some other questions I was having over the weekend with our Groov project with our local guy Dave E, and I asked him about this. He thought that the text tool can be used to pop up a place to input a value. Well after a couple more cups of coffee I realized that I was trying to use a value gadget. The text tool works just great.

Thank you.

BTW, I was the guy asking about indirection for groov…