I set the notifications up and they are working great, but if the Groov box looses connection or the UA server resets the connection then the notification resets all tags to “missing tags”. This has happened on one tag and has happened on all tags.

Hi Gar,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Sounds like you’ll get to contact support so they can try to reproduce that issue here (support @ is always the best way to contact them).

A few questions/comments for you that you should also let them know the answers to:

  1. Normally you shouldn't see that "missing tags" message unless the device has been deleted. Is the OPC-UA server "device" still in there? (Under Configure > Devices & Tags?)
  2. Are you using the just-released R3.0[B]b[/B]? Or R3.0a? (If you don't already have R3.0b on there, I'd back up the project and upgrade to see if that helps.)
  3. If you look under: Help > View logs do you see anything relevant-looking? (You could download those logs and send them to support while you're at it too.)

I hope you’ll let us know how it turns out!


So I heard that restarting the PC cleared up the problem? Any trouble since?