Notifications alternatives

We typically use the SendEmail command or groov notifications when we program a system for a client to alert operators of alarms either by email or text message. Recently, we’ve come across two clients where, despite our best troubleshooting efforts, we’ve been unable to successfully send notifications through, it’s as though the email originating from the SNAP-PAC controller or Groov AR-1 is being blocked by the clients ISP. Any ideas on alternative ways to accomplish notifications to an operator’s smartphone?

Have you thought about using the Node-RED email node? That might do things a little differently.
Also what about instant messaging?

Hi, I have used the node red email node and works very well, however, something may be wrong in your email configuration in the controller, and you should test if email using lets say thunderbird goes out of the facility. Other issues related to internal network security could be the culprit, always good to talk to the IT guys.
Ping your email server from command promp or any soft tool to pin point the issue.
GROOV manage also is useful to test using ping directly from the controller, go to system, network and at the bottom there is diagnostics and among there is ping, test your LAN first.