Network upgrade

Hello everybody IT department is changing my network switch so they can increase our IP ADDRESS range I was wondering if there is a way to change all the IP ADDRESS on my EB1 opto 22 brains all at once instead of doing it one by one with pac manager

The IP address can be changed through the memory map, so in theory, you could write a utility to update all your EB1s. How many do you need to update?

…around 200 of them

Yeah, that’s a lot.

Won’t you need to change the addresses in your strategies too?

Yeah,but in that case I’m not using pac control for my strategies any way I still need to change the IP’s on them as well I was trying to minimize the down time

You could add all your IO units to a strategy (it will take a while - you may be able to get creative with the IO tag import though) and then use the memory map commands to update the IP information.
Put all the IO units into a pointer table, and all the IP information into string tables, and loop on through (excel is good to use to build the initialization tables). It would take a while to setup, but it will get them all changed pretty quick and minimize downtime.

The other option, if you are familiar with OptoMMP, would be to build the TCP request manually and send it out to each IO unit - then you wouldn’t need to have all the IO units setup in the strategy. This would be nice if you were having to do something like this all the time, but for a one time thing, I would probably go with the above option.