.NET Library SDK and .NET 5

Hey guys,

Just wondering if there is any planned support for the newer .NET 5. We use Opto22’s .NET library for one of our applications, and that might dictate our direction as it looks like .NET 5 and on is going to be the future of that ecosystem/framework.

I did try it out on .NET 5 - Everything compiled OK when I migrated, but I was unable to open TCP connections to Opto devices (UDP worked though). That was the extent of my testing though.



Its on the Engineers radar to support .NET 5, but as yet we don’t have a time line for it.
There is an update/patch coming from us in a few days for the older kit, it might be worth re-trying your test when that lands, but be advised that the patch is not official v5 support, it just might (or might not) help with the TCP issue you are seeing.

In short, .NET 5 support is coming, but not sure when.