I am curious as to your take on the need or lack there of to at least read all IO via MoveIOUnitToNumTableEx comand???

I suspect it is fast enough to read and write each IO from the local rack and certainly whether local or not, the Ethernet side is every bit of 10 times faster than before, so is the overhead of the read write operations still to onerous on medium size projects to ignore?

Personally, I think that you really need to use it when talking to serial I/O.
Ethernet, not so much.

Things like that are never so black and white, but thats my rough thoughts.

Any one else got some thoughts on when to use that command?

It may be a good method if you are talking to IO over connections with a lot of latency - like VPNs over cellular.

Btw, the MoveIOUnitToNumTableEx command does not work in Pac Control 10. Well it does work, then it doesn’t. The problem is it all of a sudden will not read the IVALs. The Developer is now aware…

I had to create 145 move commands for IO point on this project as a work around, thanks to Excel that was fairly easy. The controller seems to work fine, but I haven’t had a chance to bench mark it.