Modbus Register Tag Display

I’m pulling an unsigned integer from a modbus device unscaled. It looks like this:


I’ve created tags in Groov that look like this:

My Groov page in Build looks like this:

The end result looks like this:


Why am I not seeing my raw value of 4006?


First off, Try reading register 359, also check your device setup. The significant bits and base one/not base one addressing will effect what you see/read.


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That did it:




I thought I was home free but my scaling isn’t working. Any ideas:


Scaling is kind of broken/wonky right now. Especially going from 16-bit unsigned to a float. You can get it to work by:

  1. Deleting the gadget
  2. Deleting the tag
  3. close/save settings
  4. recreate the tag with correct scaling
  5. recreate the gadget.

Read Only is mostly reliable, read/write works (kind of), but expect strange results.

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That worked. Thanks!

When did that happen? Never had an issue before.

Around the 3.4-3.5 update… I think…