Mobile app locks up?

I can access my Groov via the mobile app (Android)…one time. Then if I leave and come back or lock and unlock my phone, I just have the Groov logo and a white screen. I can only get it back by killing the app via task manager. Known issue or any solutions?

Hello Bogaat,

Welcome to the OptoForums! I’ve seen a similar symptom when the app was taking a long time to connect. If the problem persists, I’d encourage you to let our Product Support team know about this so they can follow-up with more details from you, such as: version of app you have? How long did you wait before killing the app? Did anything change? (Like your location/signal strength?) Did you have the app set up to remember your groov address? (That’s a relatively new option under “settings.”) You might try changing that setting and see if it makes a difference.

Just curious, what are you using groov to do? Please share!


It still has a connection, the strength is strong and it remembers the address. However, I found a workaround! If I rotate the device, it refreshes and all controls are visible. I can then rotate it back and all is well. It just blanks out after unlocking or leaving and coming back to the program. I am sure this is an easy fix if you guys can duplicate. Easy workaround though!

As far as use, I have the Groov monitoring two controllers…one for a greenhouse environment and the other for plant fertigation. I am still fine tuning, but the Groov is way easy to work with. I do have several questions which I will bring up in another thread as I have time. Taking care of 3000 tomato plants by myself takes up the majority of the day :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback…