Missing index on SNAP-PAC-NODE


I miss a thing that is in the api but not in the snap pac node of node-red. My need is to write a single value in a single position of a table.
Basically a POST {value: XXX} to the point /tables/strings/:tablename/{index}

The node allows to indicate the startindex but not the desired {index}

Any suggestions other than to build my own http post

Thanks in advance

Hi jdefunes,

The node is smart enough to figure out that you only gave it the one value vs. an array, so just use the start index for the element you want and only give it the single value (instead of a list).

For example:

This writes 44 into element 4 of my table.


Thank you Mery, I had tried writing through payload {value: xxx} I did not think of assigning the value directly without any structure could work. Thanks again

While we are nearly on the same subject, why does the groov write node not allow you to write to a table as does the snap pac write node? When the payload is a number of consecutive table registers it appear that you then have to set up a number of snap pac write nodes to write to consecutive indexes of the same table.

Or is it a case of “There are more ways than one to skin a cat”

P.S: jdefunes. I think its Mary, not Mery, Merry, Mari, Marry or Mercy

George, It was to late! Sorry Mary.

This is how I managed to solve it through payload. Maybe the node-pac could be smarter and stringify the payload by itself when writing to a string endpoint, right?

Hi George,
Not sure why we don’t currently let you write more than one element to a groov table, but I’ve put in a ticket/request to add that.
-OptoMary or OptoMerry or whatever George nick-names me this week. :wink: