MicroSD causing network problems

just wondering if anyone is having problems when powering on a PAC controller with a microSD card inserted. I have a PAC-R1 with loader 6.2a and f/w 9.4b. i can ping the device, strategy runs, debug ok, life is good. however if i power down the controller, insert the 2GB fat16 formatted microSD card and power on the controller, communication is lost. ping replies with destination host unreachable and all communications cease. the strategy is running, i can tell by the i/O and what its doing. the funny thing is the stat light doesnt blink every 5 seconds to check if an microsd is inserted. but when powering up without microSD and inserting after everything is ok, the stat led blinks as expected.
ive tried fat16 and fat32 but no difference.
Anyone else had this problem? i can’t believe id be the only one to see this. it happeneed with 9.4a, 9.3e and 9.3b. any ideas would be good.


Do you have another controller you could try this on (to see if the problem is limited to a particular controller)?
Not sure if the current firmware version would help, R9.4b as I write this, but that might be something to try too.
In any case, I’d suggest you let support@opto22.com know what you find, so they can help you get to the bottom of it!