Loading strategy from SD on boot

Is it possible to load a strategy from a microSD on boot up if the memory has been cleared?
Pac R2 is the target system.

Also, I assume it is possible to use an existing strategy to check during boot if the microSD strategy is the same or different or if the CRC has changed and if so load it?

Never actually tried it.

Page 41 and 42. http://documents.opto22.com/1595_SNAP_PAC_R_series_Users_Guide.pdf

It depends on how you set it up. But generally yes with the nice exception that you don’t need to use a strategy to check the CRC, the firmware does it for you.

Thanks Ben for the quick response. Haven’t visited that section for a while and apparently there are substantial improvements. I gather that in every case when the controller boots, it looks at the card first and if an appropriate file or command exists, it handles that, otherwise boots from flash, is that right?
If that is the case, then if the memory gets cleared due to spike (just happened at Cargill even though it was on UPS) then I could have had a strategy on card and it would have automatically loaded that file and then in the strategy it could save to flash before executing the main strategy, right?

I guess I missed the fact that the fw now includes automatic CRC check, does this happen continuously or only when it boots?

Does it also check the strategy in RAM? I thought in the past that I had to do via the strategy.

Do we have control over what takes place during boot via the MMP?