List of things for Groov

Ok, here is a minimum level of required features for Groov that are needed last year…

  1. Select all.
  2. Crossing window to left, select all.
  3. Window to right, select.
  4. Delete without confirm, this one is killing me smalls.
  5. Zoom window to size required for display in build.
  6. Build size that is actually WYSG.
  7. Command/Button or objects in general that will scale down to size for adult use.
  8. Command button with dynamic text.
  9. Command button with pilot (not that little bitty led kinda thing…).
  10. Rectangular pilot lights, forget the text.
  11. Text area that allows select/display box to be sized for text displayed.
  12. Horizontal/vertical gauge with dynamic zones (the zones are worthless without).
  13. Allow text edit at text object.
  14. Find and replace for text objects.
  15. Find and replace for tags like Pac Display has now.
  16. Remove the feature where you build the laptop screen and the pda screen at the same time. Totally worthless.
  17. Alpha automatic tag search when selecting new tag.
  18. Pilot with text inside the pilot.

There that should get it to the usable state.