LINUX OS Year 2038 problem

Is Linux OS usied in EPIC year 2038 problem compatible? Is the Epoch time still 32 bit?

I am not sure what the official Opto22 answer is, I am just speculating at the moment. From what I understand about the 2038 issue and the current fix/patches/workarounds, is that the 5.0 kernel released in 2020 bakes in 64 bit Epoch. My PR1 with the latest firmware is on kernel 4.1.

I know that Opto is not going to make a kernel jump without a complete Devops test and evaluation, and test 100% of all upstream compatibility, as well as regression testing and have in place 100% procedural coverage for any regression scenario.

I also believe there is active development on a “PR-3” model which will be 64 bit, And that effort is likely to yield all of the necessary upstream, downstream, and regression paths for the 32 bit kernel update.

TLDR: Not an official Opto22 answer but No the current EPIC OE does not appear 2038 compatible yet. There are efforts underway that might provide a firmware a 2038-proof build in the near future.

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