Last Modbus Address of Groov EPIC

I am testing out Ignition Modbus Driver.
I am developing a device that will use FFFF modbus address.
FFFF is 65535 Decimal.
I wanted to see if Ignition can read 65535.

Does groov epic has modbus address 65535 for reading?
Or any modbus address with 5 digit? (Ignition manual only shows 4 digit “40000”)
If yes, what register is this?


In Ignition when you use the Modbus addressing, you put in the function code(Read Discrete Inputs: 2, Read Input Registers: 4, etc), and then you can give it a range 0-65535 under that function code.

Making the addresses for say Holding Registers(FC 4), 400000 to 465535. You can find information and the steps to configure Modbus Ignition addresses in the Ignition User’s Manual.